Finding Ten Minutes for Yourself

Mar 25 2018

Finding Ten Minutes for Yourself

It is the plight of every woman from the time that Monday was Laundry Day and Tuesday was Baking Day, and the phones were hooked to the walls up to today when we juggle everything.  Today’s technology has only made us more accessible to everyone and everyone needs something from you.  Most women now have a job along with their home duties. We are often helping our parents.  Kids are in multiple activities.  We live out of our cars.  Fast food is a great help and then we feel guilty.

The first thing to remember is that you are not alone!  Guilt is not reserved for you.  Anyone who tells you they have it all together is lying.  There is no such thing as a Super Mom, but you are the best Mom for your children.  You will make the decisions you make from love.  You will be frustrated and mad at yourself because you yelled.  Just make sure you apologize with a hug!

An integral part of our frustration comes from never having enough time for ourselves.  We even feel guilty taking a bath.  We are grateful when we get to wash our hair.  We are ecstatic if once a week we can put a home cooked meal on the table.  Everyone’s needs come before ours.

The one thing that is always ignored is the fact that a Mom who takes 10 minutes a day for herself is actually stronger than those who don’t.  This is 10 GUILT-FREE minutes.  It is OK to tell the kids that you are not accessible for the next 10 minutes.  You can set a timer if you would like.  If there is a baby, you get the first 10 minutes of their nap, all yours.  Now, lean back, close your eyes.  Read a chapter of your book or a magazine article.  Rub a delicious smelling lotion all over your body.  Sip your coffee or tea slowly.  Burn a candle.  Breathe in deeply.

Your 10 minutes will be over quickly, but you know you have 10 minutes tomorrow.  So, return to the hustle and bustle of life.  Love that life but know that you deserve those guilt free 10 minutes every day!  You are important!  You are special!  You are one of a kind!  Embrace that…Never lose yourself!

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