Salt Block Cooking

Apr 01 2018

Salt Block Cooking

There is nothing more exciting and versatile than Salt Block cooking.  It is perfect for a night at home or entertaining guests.

The salt block can actually be used cold out of the refrigerator or slowly heated on the grill or cook top.

Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested in the mountains of Himalaya.  It was actually crystalized during the Jurassic Era over 200 million years ago!  The salt has been protected from pollution by a volcanic layer It is naturally antibacterial.

The pink of the chilled salt block is a perfect background for serving fruits and cheese.  With mint or herbs and the hint of salt flavor you have an elegant and easy appetizer!

It is also perfect for cooking or grilling any meat or seafood.  The key is to make sure it is dry and that you heat it very slowly to avoid cracking.  Do not use water or butter.  Just use olive oil and herbs.

For cleaning, just use a soft brush.  No soap is needed as it is naturally antibacterial.   If you care for it properly it will actually last for years while adding a delightful flavor to your foods!

You can adapt almost any recipe you have to Salt Block Cooking.  You will love the added flavor!  Happy Entertaining!

This is a purchase that is definitely worth its’ Salt!

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