Health Benefits of Burning Candles

May 11 2018

Health Benefits of Burning Candles

Coming home after a long and stressful day at work calls for relaxation and hanging out with loved ones. Whether hosting friends or just enjoying some quiet time, scented candles help create the perfect stress-free atmosphere to calm your mind. Learn how burning candles aides in relaxation and benefits your overall health and well being.


Caring for your mental health often ranks as important as maintaining your physical health. Stress and anxiety cause many other health issues. Relaxation and rest with the calming aid of candles may help to relieve these problems.


Candles infused with different essential oils serve many purposes. Lavender scents help with sleep quality, promote concentration and help fight anxiety. Eucalyptus scents aid in alleviating symptoms of the common cold and destroying bacteria.Peppermint scents relieve nausea, headaches, upset stomach, gas, indigestion, anxiety, and skin irritation. Tea Tree scents help fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses, along with skin irritation. Pomegranate scents enhance the immune system and promote healthy cell growth.


The most eco-friendly candles are made from 100% soybean wax. Burning soy candles means no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants released into the air. Burning soy candles are best for people with allergies.


Soy candles burn cooler, typically lasting about 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle. Soy wax comes from local farmers and supports the community. Soy candles are also biodegradable, water soluble, and lead-free.


Wax spills are messy and hard to clean up, but soy wax is easily cleaned up with soap and water. Due to its natural color, if spilt, it leaves no stains on surfaces.


In the spring and summer months burning candles also helps keep bugs such as mosquitoes, gnats, and flies away.


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